This Chinese New Year, usher in the festive season with unique home products from fish pillows, to gummy bear nightlights and world maps. If you are keen to add colours to your home without the fuss of changing it after the Chinese New Year season, here are some of our selections that will add lovely touches to your home. 

1. Salmon Atlantic Pillow and Sashimi Set

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What's Chinese New Year without fish? In chinese, "fish" means surplus, symbolizing a wish for abundance in the coming year. These Salmon Pillows are bound to Brighten up your home and may even bring wealth and prosperity to you and your family!  

Click here to purchase the Atlantic Salmon Fish and Sashimi Pillow Set, $44.00

Click here to purchase the Atlantic Salmon Fish Pillow, $31.00

2. Cupcake Pillow

white cupcake.jpg

Love cupcakes but cannot bear to eat them? These cute cupcake pillows add a great decor to your sofas and chairs! The best part is these lovelies are on sale now, so grab them before they are gone! 

Click here to purchase the White Chocolate Cupcake, $25.50 (SALE!)

3. Gummy Bear Nightlights


Kids and even adults will definitely love this adorable squishy gummy! It is great as a funky, quirky decor and it works as a nightlight too! Great for your children's room. Well, who doesn't love gummy bears?

Click here to purchase the Gummy Bear Nightlight, available in 5 colours (Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink), $39.90

4. Original Personalized Scratch Map

Scratch Map01.jpg

Been to many countries but cannot remember? Here's a solution! The Original Scratch Map from Luckies from London! This is a classic piece to place in your living room. Simply frame it up for a more classy feel. 

Click here to purchase the Original Personalized Scratch Map, $39.9

5. Bucketlist Rewritable Map


Here's another wall map decor. From big-name spots to little-known gems, allow your guest to discover the world as you haven't seen it before! 

Click here to purchase the Bucketlist Rewritable Map, $39.9

Purchase your favourite home decor product with us now and get them delivered to you by Chinese New Year. We are sure these products will not disappoint!

AuthorMichelle Lee